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Grow With Hydrate IV Bar

Hydrate IV Bar is a premiere IV Therapy spa promoting wellness from within

Are you ready to run a business with hustle and heart? Owning a Hydrate IV Bar spa may be for you.

By The Numbers


Year founded


Corporate locations in 4 years


Clients served in Colorado

Our Values


We value mental, physical and spiritual wellness


We never forget a smile or that laughter goes a long way


We root deeply within the communities that we serve


We commit to serving our clients, our coworkers and ourselves


We know we're stronger together than we could ever be apart

From Our Fans

"Great experience! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that put my mind at ease. Highly recommend! I will be getting a membership 🙂"


"Amazing experience!! Great atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable medical staff – feel great!! Will definitely be back!"

Carolyn S.

"Super cool place. Went here after spending a weekend in Vegas. Definitely felt so much better after. The atmosphere was super relaxing and the staff was very accommodating and friendly."

Kierra S.

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